Why you need a transformative journey

Most of us are living with some kind of emotional discord. It is a consequence of modern life. Ancient civilisations knew how to heal themselves with various techniques and old traditions, which we have mostly lost in modern civilisations. Especially in Western cultures. Up until recently people still disputed that we even had an energy system/biofield/soul or that the chakras (emotional centres) even existed.

Thankfully with the widespread of information people have become more open and aware of modalities that were practiced long ago that are actually really helpful. Think of how trendy yoga became over the last 20 years, or practices such as Reiki (ancient Japanese healing) or homeopathy has become.

Slowly society is realising that quick fixes like anti-depressants, alcohol, drugs and other such things aren’t enough to mask the pain or numb the feeling of disconnection. We’ve lost spirituality, we’ve become bogged down by technology and the influx and overflow of information. We know we need something to help ourselves heal but we just don’t know how.

There is an ancient way to healing that is profoundly simple and yet so hard to put into place.

Heal the trapped emotions within

We must look after our emotions first and foremost. This allows us to look after our soul (biofield). We must look after our bodies. After all, it does house our soul. If we do this we give ourselves the opportunity to function as best as we possibly can. It allows our minds to be calmer. Allows us to live a more holistic and healthy life and enjoy life more in the moment.

Our emotions are so incredibly powerful. They have the power to rule or ruin our lives unless we learn to take care of our emotional health. Healing our emotions is essential to our overall wellbeing. When we don’t take care of our emotional health we risk:

  • overactive mental activity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • PTSD
  • addictions
  • anger issues
  • multiple physical ailments

When we learn to take care of our emotional health we take responsibility for our own emotions and our emotional wellbeing, we become stronger, more resilient, balanced, empowered, confident and calm.

Just how do we do this?

The first step is taking stock of your emotional wellbeing. Be brave and go on a journey within. Release the old trapped emotions holding you in a place of distress. Find a mentor who can teach you about your emotions and how to work with them so they no longer overwhelm you. Find a mentor who can teach you how your biofield (energy system) works and how to look after it. When you do this, you will automatically want to look after your body better. This is why you need a transformative journey within. To feel balanced and emotionally stable and healthy.

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