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What Is SHEN Therapy?

SHEN® Therapy is a breakthrough approach providing effective relief to emotional trauma. It is grounded in scientific research and developed by an American researcher and Physicist, Richard Pavek. It is an acronym for Specific Human Energy Nexus. SHEN® provides a new understanding of how emotions influence the body and mind, rather than the mind influencing the body.

A SHEN® therapist assists their clients using the body’s own qi to relax and release deeply held tensions trapping both physical and emotional pain within the body. Releasing these trapped emotions allows our bodies to heal and feel more empowering emotions such as confidence, joy and well-being.

How can SHEN Therapy help you?

SHEN® Therapy is very effective as a relaxation and restorative therapy in stressful circumstances. It focuses on relaxing deep muscular tension to allow emotional releases. Usually a series of 6 – 10 sessions is recommended, depending on what you are seeking help for. Those with major trauma will usually need more.

SHEN® Therapy can be incredibly beneficial in providing support and relief for individuals experiencing symptoms of:

SHEN® Therapy can be incredibly beneficial in providing support and relief for individuals experiencing symptoms of:

What Are The Long Term Benefits?

SHEN® Therapy works by assisting the body to release deeply embedded emotions. Trapped emotions can cause a great deal of distress to the mind, as well as to the physical body.

Emotions that are trapped, can be regularly re-triggered, causing behavioural or physical issues. SHEN® helps change these behaviours and ailments long term, as once the emotion is fully released, it has dissipated and is no longer there to be causing behavioural or physical issues and cannot return to cause distress.

SHEN® Therapy is essentially a very deep journey into yourself, it’s a very personal journey and one that can bring about profound and lasting change.

Find the right session for you.

SHEN® Therapy sessions are designed to help you find relief from physical and emotional pain, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

There are a few contraindications for SHEN®. These will be asked when you first make contact to establish if SHEN® Therapy is a suitable treatment for you. SHEN® Therapy is not a medical treatment and should not be considered as one.

IBS Protocol

These sessions help relieve symptoms of IBS by releasing muscular contractions in the stomach and digestive tract. There are 2 sessions spaced 48 hours apart and each session is approximately 75 -90 mins long depending on what is released.


SHEN Intensives

These produce quicker results, but are intense for the client. Usually 8 – 10 sessions, depending on what you wish to achieve over a two day period. Usually 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon on each day, or 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Generally these start about 10 am and finish around 4 or 5 pm depending on what surfaces during the sessions. It is advised to have a day to yourself, for reflection directly after a SHEN® Intensive.

These are offered at a discounted rate:
8 sessions = £600, 10 sessions = £750

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Meet our SHEN Therapist

Lauren Michelle

Founder of Emotional Evolution
BA (Hons) Psychology GMBPsS

Lauren, a certified SHEN® Therapist, hails from Cape Town and currently resides in Bagshot, Surrey, UK. She holds 2 degrees in Psychology and an Honours degree in Trauma Counseling.

Lauren Slabbert smiling, qualified SHEN therapist in Surrey, UK

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