Introducing the BIOLFIELD

What is the ‘Biofield’?

The human body has an extraordinary energy system that flows in very specific patterns. In SHEN ® therapy we refer to this energy system as ‘The Biofield’. The ‘Biofield’ is made up of Qi (Energy) that permeates the entire body. It extends outwards from the body and is often referred to as the ‘Aura’. The Qi of the Aura is thinly spread and always in flux as it is influenced by a persons physical health an emotional state. The Qi permeating the inner body is thicker, denser and more structured.

SHEN ® Therapy was designed by a Physicist in the USA named Richard Pavek. In his design, Richard followed basic laws of physics. In physics the human energy system is a field and all fields have flow patterns. The human ‘Biofield’ follows flow patterns. These flow patterns loop around and through the body in perfectly orchestrated and never ending circuits.

Ancient Greek philosophers

Ancient Greek philosophers described the soul as being a secular soul-body that penetrated the spaces between the atoms of the physical body. They believed that the soul had a significant role in physical health and undesirable behaviour. They believed the soul-body stored pain and emotion. Socrates, the famous Greek philosopher, once urged physicians to ‘Heal the soul first’. This suggests that through healing the emotions in the soul-body, healing in the physical body would take place. Essentially, the ‘biofield’ we refer to in SHEN ® is the soul.

Balancing the ‘Biofield’

In SHEN ® Therapy we agree with this Socratic principle to heal the soul. We observe that emotions emerge from within the body’s ‘Biofield’. We work to heal the emotions trapped in the Biofield. Painful emotions cause the body to involuntarily contract around the area of the torso where the emotion is being experienced. Trapped emotions obstruct and block the flow patterns of the Qi in the Biofield. When this happens the physical body can’t function properly resulting in the person experiencing physical and emotional distress. We know that when we release the tensions and contractions keeping the painful emotions in place the physical body will be free to function normally and the mind will quieten and begin to think more rationally. We work to relax the contractions at the emotional centres and bring the Biofield back into balance.

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