The Transformative Journey of SHEN

After you’ve completed your SHEN ® series, whether it be one or two sessions or a full series of 10, the changes SHEN ® brings will be subtle. You might not notice straight away that something has changed, but you will notice in a little while.

The changes generally tend to be so subtle… that you only notice when something happens and you don’t respond or react in the way you usually would. Or you notice a physical change, only after some time, when you are no longer experiencing the issue. Some people don’t notice the changes within themselves, but those around them do.

Why thought’s are not powerful agents of emotional change…

SHEN ® works on a very deep level. Once the emotions are released they can’t come back to cause disharmony and discomfort anymore. They also no longer have control over your thoughts or your behaviours.

Thoughts are powerful, but they are not the power driving your behaviour. The emotion trapped within the body is the cause. This is why it is so difficult to experience profound change with many of the therapies that use cognition to try change behaviour. It’s one of the most misleading ideas that ‘thoughts become things’ or ‘positive thinking’ can change your behaviours or your life. You can’t think an emotion away. Often people using these methods to relieve themselves of emotional issues, spend a great deal of time and effort trying so hard to actually think positive or change their behaviours using their thoughts, only to feel even worse than they did before they started these practices, because generally these methods are not successful in changing behaviours or thoughts LONG TERM.

They might be a quick fix for now, but as soon as there is a trigger, the person will revert back to their usual way of coping and then feel even worse about themselves, because they’ll feel like they’ve made no progress.

Once the emotion behind whatever unwanted behaviour or action is dissipated, then the emotional energy system – in SHEN we call it the Biofield – goes back to a more balanced state, and the person is no longer affected by it, so their reactions or behaviours change.

This new you can can leave you feeling very different from your normal self. You may feel calmer, less angry, not so anxious, some people don’t even realise they are anxious until they are no longer anxious. It truly is a transformative experience.

Emotional Trauma

Emotions and the body

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