How to Overcome Fear with SHEN Therapy

Many of us live our life’s in a constant state of fear. Fear about losing a loved one, fear of losing our relationship, our job, our home, the list can be quite endless.

Living in a constant state of fear is exhausting. It creates anxiety. It stops us from living and enjoying life in the moment and holds us back from enjoying all the amazing experiences life has to offer.

Not all fear is unhealthy or an undesirable emotion to feel, but irrational fear, fear that holds us back, or keeps us feeling unsafe and unable to move forward, is fear we want to dissipate.

In SHEN ® Therapy, we use our hands to help release fearful feelings that can make it hard to breath. These are generally trapped at the Solar plexus area of the torso. Fear is closely linked to anxiety. We use the same process to assist clients in relieving anxiety and help reduce panic attacks

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