How SHEN ® Therapy came about – Richard Pavek

SHEN ® Therapy was developed by a physicist in the States named Richard Pavek in the late 1970’s. Richard had a profound personal experience at a workshop he was attending prompting him to investigate the biofield of the human body.

At the workshop participants were instructed to ‘run energy’ through their partner and see if they could balance the temperature in different parts of their body. Richard was partnered with a woman he didn’t know. He proceeded with the instruction not expecting much to happen but shortly after he placed his hands across her abdomen she started to cry and her pelvis began to contract. At the same time, Richards hands became extremely hot. The heat increased as did the woman’s crying, until it reached a peak and stopped. When the experience ended, the woman commented to to Richard ‘I feel I’ve just given birth to myself’. Over the next few days in the workshop, it became apparent that something had changed within the woman.

This left Richard with a lot of questions. He hadn’t expected to experience such intense heat from his hands, nor did he expect to witness another person have such a dramatic release of emotion simply by placing his hands on her body. Richard had a background in aeronautics, electronics and chemistry and recognised that this phenomena was likely a field which would follow the principles of apparent motion that apply to all other field systems in physics, such as magnetism and the formative currents of the weather systems. He knew that if this were true, it would mean that once the system was understood, the phenomenon that had occurred could be codified and repeated. He started out to investigate and prove this. SHEN ® is the result.

The theoretical principals of SHEN ® therapy have a strong foundation intertwined with the disciplines of physics, biology and psychology. There is strong evidence that the human biofield exists and hopefully in time, more and more people will become familiar with Richard’s life long work and astonishing contributions to the world of somatic healing.

“Years of careful, systematic research has shown, beyond little doubt, that there is a Physio-Emotional Field that permeates the human body and that this field is involved in the creation and experience of emotion as well as in the formation of tension in the body. It is this double nexus that makes the field the linking mechanism in psychosomatic and somatoform disorders, and the hope for their treatment.” Richard Pavek April 17, 1987, Sausalito, California

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