We try to avoid feeling pain as much as possible without realising that if we actually allow ourselves to feel the pain, it can dissipate very quickly.  It’s just really not easy to do.  Avoiding feeling pain, especially emotional pain, can become detrimental to our physical health, not just our emotional health. 

The body has an amazing energy system (In SHEN we call it the Biofield).  There’s a large amount of Qi that flows in a beautifully orchestrated fashion through out our bodies.  It loops in and around in perfect harmony until its flow gets blocked.

The body, the mind and the energy system (the Biofield/soul) all work together. When we start accumulating trapped emotions, they essentially block the flow of our powerful life force energy, so it can’t flow freely. After time this causes disharmony through out the body.  It causes the mind to become overwhelmed. It causes the body to become physically unwell. When we work towards making ourselves emotionally well again, and release all these trapped emotions our physical body begins to repair, and our mind starts to calm.

How SHEN ® Therapy helps release trapped emotions

In SHEN ® Therapy, we recognise that the body has a natural and involuntary response to pain. It can’t differentiate between physical pain or emotional pain, it just senses pain.  It responds to the pain it is experiencing by contracting around it.  In SHEN ® the simplistic way to explain it is to compare poking an amoeba.  If you poked an amoeba it naturally contracts… it is the same in the body when it experiences pain… physical or emotional.  Remember how you felt when you heard some painful news, your stomach probably contracted.  It is a very involuntary response. This contraction prevents the pain that caused it to leave. It is this contraction that adversely affects all the organs and tissues surrounding the contraction. In SHEN ® We refer to this as ACPR – Auto-contractile pain response.

Specific emotions emerge in specific parts of the body. Once the body contracts around a painful emotion, it becomes trapped at the emotional centre it was experienced at.  SHEN ® practitioners are trained to use the Qi in their hands to release these contractions and restore emotional health.

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