Children respond really well to SHEN. This is mainly because they haven’t developed as much of an emotional armour as an adult has. There aren’t as many layers to work through with children as there are for adults, leading to SHEN sessions working deeply and quickly.

Children have their own unique set of problems they may find difficult to cope with. They suffer trauma, separation anxiety, bullying, night terrors, on-going nightmares, loss of appetite, grief of loosing a pet, worrying about loosing parents, fear of failure, parental discord and divorce, bullying, difficulty with teachers, alienation from friends, coping with stressed out parents, feeling helpless, to name just a few.

How can SHEN help my child?

SHEN can greatly help them release the anxiety and fear they feel and help them better cope with the stressors of life. SHEN can also give them a chance to recover early on from emotional traumas, allowing them to grow into empowered and emotionally stable young adults.

How long would a session last and how will my child stay still for an hour?

A child’s session will usually be between 45 – 60 mins long. It might take a little while for a child to relax on the SHEN cradle, however SHEN therapists use relaxation techniques to assist in relaxing the child enough that the session can continue. SHEN Therapists do request that the child’s parent or caregiver stay in the room for the duration of the session.

Can SHEN help babies?

SHEN can helpful for babies and new Mothers, especially after a difficult birth. It is helpful for the Mother to have a SHEN session to help release any trauma related to birth. From there, the therapist can show her some techniques to use on her baby to help the child recover.

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